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Sentinel Dataline Protection
   DLP 10/20/30 G-510 PDF
   DLP 36B/37A PDF
   DLP 471/490/492 PDF
   DLP 500 Series

Sentinel Infrared Scanner PDF
Sentinel Lightning Protection PDF
Sentinel Luminaire PDF
Sentinel Satelit + PDF
Sentinel Surge Protection PDF
Sentinel AC Power Line 2003 Catalog PDF

Sentinel Surge Free Products
   Surge Free 402XT PDF
   Surge Free 202XT PDF
   Surge Free 160MXT PDF
   Surge Free 160M PDF
   Surge Free 120M PDF
   Surge Free 160 PDF
   Surge Free 120 PDF
   Surge Free 80 PDF
   Surge Free40 PDF
   Surge Free 400 Series PDF
   Surge Free MFP Series PDF

      Watt Products
        Watt System Drives PDF
   Watt System Tronic FreqInverter S3/H3 PDF
   Watt System Tronic FreqInverter S4 PDF
ELSPEC G4000 Power Quality Data CenterTechnical Articles:

Harmonics PDF

    2002 Truth of the Matter PDF
       Surge Protection: Where & How Much?
       Coordinated Protection PDF
       The Inside Story (MCG) PDF
       Wiring Diagrams PDF
       Micro-Z Concept PDF

     ACR Systems Product Catalog