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Technology Products Primer

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Technology Products Primer


AITI Tech Primer Brochure 2016



AITI Products Primer 2016 PDF

Wiring Devices

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Wires and Cables


   wiredevice1  wiredevice2


  • Conduits and fittings, electrical, manufacturing
  • Outlet boxes (electric wiring devices), manufacturing
  • Connectors and terminals for electrical devices, manufacturing
  • Outlet receptacles, electrical, manufacturing
  • Face plates (wiring devices), manufacturing
  • Pole line hardware, manufacturing
  • Junction boxes and covers, electrical, manufacturing
  • Switch boxes, electric, manufacturing
  • Switches for electric wiring (e.g., snap, tumbler, pressure, push button), manufacturing



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ACR Systems

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 Products Overview

ACR Systems is the original manufacturer and pioneer of portable data loggers with an extensive product line to meet a variety of customers' needs. From low-cost, single channel data loggers to high-end multi-channel and multi-functioning data loggers, ACR has the right product for you.

Smart Reader Plus

smartreader This line of 12-bit, multi-channel data loggers can measure temperature, relative humidity, current, voltage, pressure, pulse, and process signals. They have fast sampling rates, alarm dial-out capabilities and a 10-year battery life. They are network capable, modem accessible and wireless ready.

 Smart Reader

ACR Smart Reader This line of 8-bit, multi-channel data loggers can measure temperature, relative humidity, current, voltage, pressure, pulse, and process signals. They are network capable, modem accessible, and have a 10-year battery life.


TRH Low-cost and easy to use, this dual channel temperature and relative humidity data logger is equipped with a serial port plug for quick and simple downloads to your PC or laptop.

Market Overview

ACR data loggers are recognized globally as the premium instrument of its kind and proven performers in a wide range of applications. The following represents the core markets in which ACR serves and the typical applications requiring the use of our data loggers.



Temperature/Relative Humidity
Building Commissioning • Building
Automation System Performance • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Recording HVAC Systems Verification • Temperature Analysis • Moisture Analysis

Building Pressurization • Mechanical
Components Troubleshooting • Air-Flow
Measurement Odor Migration Analysis

Testing and Balancing • Troubleshooting
HVAC Systems • Electrical Load Profiling
Energy Management Systems Audit
Energy Consumption Monitoring and Recording



Power Quality
Electronic and Medical Equipment
Auditing • Computer Server Room
Monitoring • UPS and TVSS Equipment
Monitoring • Predictive Maintenance

Single-Phase Systems’ Balancing • Energy
Consumption Monitoring • Electrical Load
Profiling Energy Auditing

Download ACR Systems Product Catalog


Haiwell PLC | HMI | SCADA Gateway

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Haiwell PLC
Programmable Logic Controller

Haiwell PLCs


Haiwell PLC is a versatile high-performance programmable logic controller, which is widely used in plastics, packaging, textiles, food, medical, pharmaceutical, environmental, municipal, printing, building materials, elevators, central air conditioning, numerical control machine tools and other fields of systems and control equipment. In addition to its own various peripheral interfaces (digital input, digital output, analog input, analog output, high-speed counter, high-speed pulse output channels, power supply, communication ports, etc.), it is also expandable with all types of expansion modules for flexible configuration.

Haiwell PLC Features

  • Ethernet +: Host PLC and remote modules support Ethernet communication, host PLC support Ethernet port and 5 serial RS232/RS485 communication ports working simultaneously, support N:N network type, support remote programming,debugging, monitoring and data exchange. Easy to work with other PLC modules, HMI and PC via Ethernet port.
  • The firmware upgrade function: Taking the lead in the function of realizing firmware upgrade in a small programmable controller. You can upgrade the system firmware through the firmware upgrade function for free, therefore the PLCs that you bought previously can also have latest features from Haiwell company.
  • Rich network communication function: CPU host PLC supports built-in Ethernet port and 2 serial RS232/RS485 communication ports, it is expandable to 1 Ethernet port and 5 serial RS232/RS485 ports, each port can be programmed and connects to network, and all of them can be used as masters or slaves. It support 1:N, N:1, N:N networking and a variety of human-machine interface and configuration software. It can also connect to network with any third-party devices which have communication capabilities (such as inverters, instruments, barcode readers, etc.).
  • Supporting for multiple communication protocols: Supports Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol, free communication protocol and Haiwell company's Haiwellbus TCP, Haiwellbus high-speed communication protocols. No matter which kind of communication protocols, it only needs a simple communication instruction when dealing with complex communication functions. You will no longer troubled by the problems as communications port’s conflicts, sending&receiving control, communications interrupt handling issues and you can use a variety of protocols to exchange data easily by mixing them up in the program.
  • High-speed pulse counting function: Supports 8-channels duplex high-speed (200KHz) pulse counting, and 7 kinds of counting modes (pulse / direction 1 octave, pulse / direction 2 octave, forward / reverse pulse 1 octave, forward / reverse pulse 2 octave, A / B phase pulse 1 octave, A / B phase pulse 2 octave, A / B phase pulse 4 octave), and three kinds of comparisons (single-stage comparison, the absolute mode comparison, the relative mode comparision), supports 48 segments comparision fixed value, with self-learning function.
  • High-speed pulse frequency measurement: Supports 16-channel (200KHz) high-speed pulse frequency measurement, support the ways of time or pulses to measure the frequency.
  • High-speed pulse output: Supports 8-channel duplex high-speed (200KHz) pulse output, support for acceleration and deceleration pulse output, multi-segment envelope pulse output function, a unique sync pulse output function makes it easy to achieve precise synchronization control. Stand-alone support 16-channel pulse width modulation (PWM), can drive 16 servo or stepper motors.
  • Motion control function: Each model support 8-channel (200KHz) motion control, supports arbitrary 2-channel linear interpolation, circular interpolation, support follower pulse output, absolute address, relative address, backlash compensation, original point return, definition of electrical origin.
  • PID control function: support 32 channels increment PID, support 32 channels auto tuning PID and 32 channels fuzzy temperature control, work with TTC temperature curve control, VC valve control and other instructions to easily control complicated objects in the industry site.

Haiwell 16 servoshaiwell 16 encoders


Haiwell Happy Programming Software

Haiwell PLC programmingsoftware

HaiwellHappy is a programming software which is in accordance with IEC 61131-3 standard. It can be used for Haiwell PLC programming. Furthermore, it supports 100% built-in simulator and three kinds of programming languages (LD-Ladder Diagram, FBD- Function Block Diagram and IL-Instruction List). It can run on the systems of Windows 98, Windows 200X, Windows XP and the later Windows version.

Haiwell Happy Software Instruction Set


  • Haiwell Cloud Programming:Support Haiwell Cloud platform, can use Haiwell Cloud to do remote programming for Haiwell PLC as upload/download, firmware upgrading, self-diagnosis, monitoring and debugging. Easy for remote connection and real-time data monitoring of the site. Also you can do local programming through a HMI which supports built-in Coud engine.
  • Internal PLC simulator: Haiwell PLC programming software is the first one with 100% internal simulator in China, realizing the PLC program run in the simulation. During programming or the programming is completed, you can run PLC program in the simulation without online to check the program execution is correct or not. It can reduce on-site commissioning time greatly, reduce debugging difficult and improve debugging efficiency.
  • Communications simulator: It is used to the debug communication instruction simulation tools. It can be manually input simulately response message returned from salve, or you can use the computer's serial port to communicate with salve really, Simulate the process that PLC executes communication instruction really and process the return data from the salve.
  • Interpolation simulator: Track and draw the trajectory generated from motion control instructions such as the linear interpolation, circular interpolation, listing parameters of the pulse output channel of the motive plane and corresponding to each axis, display the current position of the channel, the mechanical home position, output mode, you can set shaft length, unit pulses.
  • PLC executable file generation: PLC program can be generated to executable file which is released and executed independently. So you do not need to send the PLC program to the user, it can be very easy, very safe to put the PLC excutable file to the user to download, but do not worry the user would can see the program content.
  • Modular project structure: Create 31 blocks total (main program, sub program, interrupt program) and chose any programming language to program. The execution order of block can be adjusted at random. Each block can be imported and exported independently and has the same password protection of program projects. So we can fully realize the modular programming and program reuse dreams.
  • Instruction using table: Provides multiple instruction tables. Use these tables can reduce the amount of programs, saving program space, such as initialization data. Each table can be imported and exported independently and has the same password protection of program project.


Haiwell Cloud 

Haiwell Cloud is a cross-platform IOT cloud platform. It supports PC, iPad, Android, IOS and other terminals. You can visit on-site equipments from a thousand miles away, and realize the remote monitoring and maintaining for HMI and PLC. It supports remote programming, firmware upgrades,monitoring and diagnosis etc. Haiwell Cloud provides security mechanisms for communication. It is secured by the encryption mechanism of 128-bit SSL,which ensures the stable and safe data transfer. It also uses A-key and B-Key protection mechanism to enable secure remote access to the devices.

Haiwell Cloud jpg








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Product Brochures:

We are pleased to make available in Adobe Acrobat PDF format the following product brochures. If you do not have the Acrobat Reader installed, you may download it by clicking the button to the right.
If you already have installed the necessary program, the document will be displayed directly in your browser window.

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Sentinel Dataline Protection
   DLP 10/20/30 G-510 PDF
   DLP 36B/37A PDF
   DLP 471/490/492 PDF
   DLP 500 Series

Sentinel Infrared Scanner PDF
Sentinel Lightning Protection PDF
Sentinel Luminaire PDF
Sentinel Satelit + PDF
Sentinel Surge Protection PDF
Sentinel AC Power Line 2003 Catalog PDF

Sentinel Surge Free Products
   Surge Free 402XT PDF
   Surge Free 202XT PDF
   Surge Free 160MXT PDF
   Surge Free 160M PDF
   Surge Free 120M PDF
   Surge Free 160 PDF
   Surge Free 120 PDF
   Surge Free 80 PDF
   Surge Free40 PDF
   Surge Free 400 Series PDF
   Surge Free MFP Series PDF

      Watt Products
        Watt System Drives PDF
   Watt System Tronic FreqInverter S3/H3 PDF
   Watt System Tronic FreqInverter S4 PDF
ELSPEC G4000 Power Quality Data CenterTechnical Articles:

Harmonics PDF

    2002 Truth of the Matter PDF
       Surge Protection: Where & How Much?
       Coordinated Protection PDF
       The Inside Story (MCG) PDF
       Wiring Diagrams PDF
       Micro-Z Concept PDF

     ACR Systems Product Catalog

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