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POWERSCAN Real-time Reactive Compensation Capacitors


Instavar and Rapidvar

  • A real time factor controller designed to replace conventional switching equipment in power factor correction (PFC) systems
  • A fast response system that can be used to compensate any variation in reactive power requirements within one single time
  • Improves power quality system capacity



Equalizer ST

The cost effective real time dynamic reactive power compensation system for low and medium voltage start-up. Typically demands during this start-up activities create reactive current that are 3 to 8 times of the motors nominal current during a very short time period, consequently, this leads to voltage drop in the local network that is not designed to withstand these temporary high currents. The Equalizer-ST compensates for the demand in high reactive energy dramatically, only for the required time period


Equalizer Turbo

The ultimate real-time dynamic reactive power compensation system for low voltage sags. It provides a ride through capability easily resolves almost all the three phase sags it also corrects it phase accurately and independently



Shizuki Oil Filled Capacitor

Made with specially processed metallized polypropylene film impregnated with non-PCB oil which has proved non-toxic, long life for heavy duty power factor correction.



PPQ 306


Portable Power Quality Analyzer
Cycle-by-cycle RMS Parameter Recording and harmonic trends


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